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Congratulations to Artel on receiving Foreign Patent Protection in Japan

Artel, Inc. recently obtained a patent in Japan for the System and Method for Liquid Delivery Evaluation Using Solutions with Multiple Light Absorbance Spectral Features, see Japanese Registration No. 5635971. Please find below a drawing of the invention covered by Japanese Registration No. 5635971:

 Drawing of the invention covered by Japanese Registration No. 5635971

Artel had already received US Patent protection for the same invention, see US Patent No. 7,791,716.

US Patents only protect your inventions being produced in the US or shipped to the US from another country. US Patents do not protect your inventions being sold in other countries. As a result, Foreign Patent Protection is essential to preventing another person or company from profiting by manufacturing your invention. We routinely assist our clients with Foreign Patent Protection; especially, companies that sell their products around the world.

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