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Caseiro Burke works with individual inventors, small businesses and large companies in a variety of technical areas involving intellectual property law. Some of these companies include:

Amp Fins, LLC
Danforth, ME
Provides customized swim and dive fins for amputees. Caseiro Burke helps Amp Fins with patent and trademark protection efforts, and creating collaboration agreements.

Artel, Inc.
Westbrook, ME
Provides ratiometric photometry technology for the verification and calibration of automated liquid handlers and pipettes. Caseiro Burke works with technical personnel at Artel to secure multiple US and foreign patents for its PCS® and MVS® products. “Chris Caseiro has been a well-trusted resource to Artel for over 10 years, and has been invaluable in helping navigate the vagaries of the patent process both in the US, in Europe and in Asia.  Through his guidance, Artel has landed over a dozen patents related to Artel’s industry leading products used for quality assurance in laboratories worldwide.  Having worked with other patent attorneys, Artel identified a unique fit with Chris, and was therefore happy to join him and his partners at Caseiro Burke.  Caseiro Burke continues to be an excellent partner to Artel in further developing a sound patent portfolio.” Dr. John Bradshaw, Senior Development Scientist

Atlantic Dynamics, LLC
South Portland, ME
Atlantic Dynamics is an emerging leader in the research, development, and deployment of cost effective, energy efficient accessories for the trucking industry. Caseiro Burke assists Atlantic Dynamics establish US and foreign patent rights for its SafeConnect® power coupling system.

Bellwether Design Technologies, LLC
Biddeford, ME
Designs, engineers and supplies complex glazing systems for architects and building owners throughout the US. Bellwether has developed an innovative structural glass skylight system called Insight™ (http://bellwetherdesigntech.com/insight/). Caseiro Burke works with the company to secure patent rights for Insight and protect its trademarks.

Portsmouth, NH
CoolCore is a materials innovator and a world leader in the development of proprietary cooling fabrics. Caseiro Burke works with CoolCore to establish and enforce patent rights in its unique fabric compositions.

Cerealus Holdings, LLC
Waterville, ME
Evaluates, develops and licenses sustainable bio-based process and material solutions in a range of industries including the papermaking industry. Caseiro Burke represents Cerealus before the US Patent and Trademark Office, and works with agents around the world, to establish worldwide patent and trademark rights in its novel filler-enhancing composition.

DataGravity Inc.
Nashua, NH
Provides a data-aware storage platform through its Discovery Series system that allows organizations to store, protect, search and govern their data. Caseiro Burke assists DataGravity with its US and foreign trademark registration efforts.“DataGravity has been working with Caseiro Burke for over three years. In a very competitive marketplace in the Northeast, our company needed a very thorough and responsive legal support team to assist us with our trademarking requirements for the company. John Burke and his staff have been very responsive to our needs in every way. More importantly, the guidance we get from John during our monthly calls is invaluable. He sees ten companies a week while we see one.  That experience saves time, energy and money. Caseiro Burke is a great partner.” John Joseph, Co-Founder.

Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.
Scarborough, ME
Manufactures industry-leading particle analysis instrumentation based on digital imaging technology. Caseiro Burke has secured multiple patents for Fluid Imaging to protect its award-winning particle imaging system.

The Gores Group
Los Angeles, CA
Control-oriented private equity group specializing in the acquisition of, and partnering with, a diverse range of businesses including those with innovative technologies. Caseiro Burke has worked with The Gores Group to stabilize and expand a substantial patent portfolio acquired in bankruptcy and later sold to a major technology company.

Guiding Stars Licensing Company – a subsidiary of Hannaford/Delhaize America
Scarborough, ME
Provides a nutrition guidance program that rates the nutritional quality of food using information from the Nutrition Facts Panel and the ingredients list of food products. Caseiro Burke represents Guiding Stars in securing patent rights through the uncertainty surrounding software-based innovations. “I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Chris Caseiro over the past 10 years on various patent and IP issues. His expert guidance and advice helped us successfully achieve two US patents and one in Canada. Chris has a wonderful ability to boil down incredibly complex legal issues to clear and simple recommendations, and to anticipate future challenges and risks.” Jim McBride, Director.

Hennessy Research Associates, LLC
Shawnee, KS
Develops safe, efficacious, cost-effective and innovative products for the animal health industry. Caseiro Burke has worked with HRA through negotiation and completion of multiple technology, manufacture and supply agreements with major partners in the animal health industry, with a focus on equine vaccine development and commercialization.

Orono Spectral Solutions, Inc.
Bangor, ME
Advances and commercializes chemical and biological agent detection systems. Caseiro Burke assists OSS in obtaining US and foreign patent rights for its innovative analyte capture systems and in licensing its rights in those systems to OSS partners.

Parent Technology Group, LLC
Gorham, ME
Works closely with the government to develop an innovative solar textile product for military and commercial use. “Chris has been a key part of our team since 2012, assisting with multiple patent filings and helping us navigate the complex maze of government requirements. Not only is Chris knowledgeable, responsive and pragmatic, but he has a keen eye for detail and takes the time to go the extra mile to assure that our patents are properly targeted and will provide the needed protections down the road.” Don Parent, Owner

Raven Technology LLC
Brunswick, ME
Offers a breakthrough mobile AC power system directly from a special high frequency alternator regardless of engine speed. Caseiro Burke has helped Raven secure multiple US and foreign patent rights for its technologies. “We have worked with Chris on many patents, US and international, over the course of 17 years. We have always enjoyed very smooth, efficient team work while relying heavily on his expertise, professionalism and attention to detail. We are completely confident that our IP is in good hands.” Christopher Tupper, Owner

SonicBlue Aerospace, Inc.
Mebane, NC
Designs and develops advanced aircraft and with its sister company, Hypermach, designs and develops hypersonic aircraft engines. Caseiro Burke has provided Sonic Blue with effective patent prosecution services by securing multiple patents as the company works through the startup transition.

Union Horse Distilling Company, LLC
Lenexa, KS
Provides hand-crafted distilled spirits from grain to bottle and provides an event space integrated with the distillery. Caseiro Burke assists Union Horse in trademark registration and protection efforts. The firm also works with company management to negotiate and document a range of agreements related to the distillery’s business.

XO Science, LLC
Asheville, NC
XO Science provides revolutionary nanotechnology coatings that provide anti-corrosion to steel and other substrates. Caseiro Burke assists XO in its effort to patent that technology and protect trademarks related to commercialization of the coatings.