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Maine Cannabis Tax Law

The emergence and quick growth of Maine's cannabis programs have presented a host of legal challenges. One of the challenges that Maine cannabis businesses face is state and federal tax treatment. Although many states and other jurisdictions are legalizing aspects of use and production, cannabis remains illegal federally. Because of this conflict between state and federal law, the tax treatment of cannabis-related businesses can be complex and confusing.

Caseiro Burke works with its Maine cannabis clients in providing guidance in regard to the Federal and Maine Tax Code. The evolving cannabis industry and challenges with state and federal law conflicts presents a unique tax environment ripe for mistakes, audits, disputes, and penalties. Our goal is to help Maine cannabis businesses with advice to avoid these pitfalls and disputes. Our Maine Cannabis Tax Law services include:

  • Providing tax research, including but not limited to preparing tax opinions, private letter ruling requests, tax planning, or simply additional research into a specific tax matter.
  • Providing assistance in registering as Tobacco Distributor in the State of Maine 
  • Reviewing and/or preparing legal documents that have tax implications 
  • Representing clients in tax disputes with the Maine Revenue Services or Internal Revenue Service. 

Caseiro Burke provides you the knowledge necessary to HELP YOU GROW YOUR BUSINESS™. Interested in learning more about our Maine Cannabis Tax Law services, give us a call at 207-219-8418.

DISCLAIMER: It is illegal under federal law to grow, manufacture, sell or use cannabis. It is also illegal under Maine law to grow, manufacture or sell cannabis to consumers in the State of Maine without first obtaining the appropriate state and local licenses. None of the information provided by Caseiro Burke is intended to assist anyone with violating any federal, state or municipal laws.